Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Stroll Down Mammary Lane

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Starting on 13th of this month, my breast cancer drawing journal titled "A Stroll Down Mammary Lane" will be featured in the web news site, Like The Dew.

The Like The Dew folks will be posting a drawing a day through the remainder of the month. This illustrated journal chronicles eighteen months of me and my husband, family and friends experiences with breast cancer's diagnosis, treatment and cure. Each of the drawings were done during the long convalescence spent mostly horizontal, healing from multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and other treatments. I was unable to work in my pottery studio and my career as a full time ceramic sculptor was put on hold while I focused on getting through one procedure at a time. I wasn't able to do much but I did draw and it resulted in about 90 illustrations of the process of my fight with breast cancer.

I am sharing these very intimate drawings in hopes that they will bring further awareness to this insidious disease.

Link to the website: LikeTheDew

Southern Living Magazine Featured Artist


Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Quick Post Before St. Simons Art Festival

This is a very quick post before the St. Simons Fall Fine Art Festival. Some of the photos are not that great but if you see something that you want more information about please send an email or give me a call.

Hand Built

Zippered Nude

Big Ol' Sun

Whole Hearted

Skate Goat

Trout Jar

Bass Relief

Teapot with Metal Attachments

Horse with a Wirey Mane

Jack and James in the Box


(a hanging planter that's a pot and head)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mixed Media Exhibit at Glynn Art Association

I am displaying my latest sculptural pieces at a mixed media and three dimensional group exhibition that opened October 1 at Glynn Art Association, here on St. Simons Island. The exhibit runs through November 29.

In this show my work uses several different hand building techniques with the inclusion of found metal objects. I enjoy the thought of the metal becoming one with the clay after having gone through several firings together.

I have tried to emphasize motion in the human form with some of the limbs left vague and incomplete and others incongruously replaced by metal parts rummaged from dusty boxes of junk and built directly into the white clay body which is then slowly fired. I have used glaze sparingly, if at all, choosing instead to work with stains and acrylic washes to highlight the textural qualities of the sculpture. I feel that even the hardness of the metal doesn't stop the flow of movement within the piece.

Featured Artist in the October 2009 Issue of
Southern Living Magazine

in the Georgia Living Section


Exhibiting in the 40th Annual
St. Simons Island Fine Arts and Crafts Festival
October 10th & 11th
Booth #3

912-634-8929 or 912-223-7153

It's a busy month.
New work will be posted in the next few days - when the kiln cools.

The Perfect Tool

Dancing with Abandon

Refurbished Nude #1

Refurbished Nude #2