Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Year - New Work

It's been some months since my last post but I've been hard at it making clay sculptures with metal attachments. Unfortunately, the clay dries very slowly this time of year so months pass without me having any new work to post. I look forward to having new pieces out of the kiln in the next few weeks that will reflect more of this current phase of firing metal into the clay.

The latest Refurbished Nude balances on one leg made from a rusty old drill bit and uses other unidentifiable metal parts for an arm and head. The reoccurring theme of replacing body parts with metal attachments is a direct influence from my experiences with breast cancer reconstruction.

Refurbished Nude #3
18" H x 10" W (with 4.5" pedestal)

For the piece titled, "The Trojan Horse Tour Package" I used wire in the mane and stomach, screws for eyes, a hook for the tail and wheels from an antique dresser. Rather than being warriors inside the horse, the figures are casually leaning, sitting and peering out through the bars. I plan to explore the Trojan Horse theme further and have several sketches for upcoming pieces.

The Trojan Horse Tour Package
14" H x 20" W

I'm getting ready for several spring art festivals and will post new work as it comes out of the kiln so please check back in periodically. If you have any questions concerning prices, sizes or need further information, please feel free to contact me at