Friday, June 10, 2011

Agnes' Women III

A Continued Celebration of One Family's Art

June 2 - July 14, 2011
Glynn Visual Arts Center
St. Simons Island, Georgia

Marilla Martin, Lucile Stephens, Marcia Scroggs,
Rosemary Griggs,
Claudia Davis, Carolyn Simmons

This show is very dear to me as it is named in honor of my grandmother, Agnes Stephens, who was a wonderful artist and inspiration to so many of us. This was our third family exhibit over the years that included my mother, her three sisters and a cousin. Several younger family members (the Agnes’ Women Junior League) contributed their artistic musings to the opening night festivities.

While sitting around drinking beer and coffee after the last Agnes' Women opening reception, we came up with the idea of building art pieces with different themes that each of us could make our own interpretations of. In this year's exhibit we ended up with some very different pieces with the same or similar titles. My theme was “Roots”. Others included “More Than Enough”; “Under Pressure”; “To Hell in a Hand Basket”; Mythology and Fairy Tales.

Amazing Yellow Winged Tutu Girl in Disguise

Anna Anderson, Lucile Stephens, Olivia & Emily Coiner, Rosemary Griggs

The opening night reception was a big celebration. Each of the six artists came dressed in a primary or secondary color from the color wheel. Many friends, art patrons and family came decked out in their own versions of inappropriate island attire. Our family has a long history of playing dress up. Any holiday or family gathering we're apt to bring out the costumes. We've had Thanksgivings where the attire was inspired by turkeys from outer space. Another Thanksgiving the family came dressed as cavemen. Some of my earliest memories are of an entire male cast of Cinderella as a silent musical with my grandfather being the fairy godmother in boxer shorts and a sheer hoop slip. No wonder my art is slightly skewed.

More Than Enough

Jack's in the Box - Featuring Jack's Rabbit

To Hell in a Handbasket

Til the Fat Lady Sings

A Fairy Tale Debunked

Under Pressure


Catch & Release

Beware! Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

I've done a few commission pieces lately where the collectors gave me free reign to create pieces within a fairly loose parameter. We worked together to build on a general idea and created pieces that had personal significance to the collector.

Kate's Jack


The Studio and Showroom are open for tours by appointment.

Studio with eager studio assistants

Slightly Skewed Showroom

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